[050] MuepEtmo – Pure Butter

This MuepEtmo album can be listened as a sequel of “I’m a broken man”, also released by Antena.art.br. It follows the way of piano improvisation turning into noise/ambient, however, if in “I’m a broken man” the mood of chanson and cabaret manifests, in “Pure Butter” Satie speaks louder, with the music moving from noise/ambient and entering little by little, more and more, inside the piano.

Download in BandCamp or Archive.com.

MuepEtmo: piano, noises

10 tracks, 24:55.

[048] Adamante

Adamante is a trio from Recife, conceived from structures created on the piano by Renê Freire, who invited Henrique Correia and Vinícius Farias to add layers with their electric guitars. A perfect recording, too intimate for post-rock and too noisy for chamber music.

They say: “The songs of ‘Exercícios sobre mundanidade’ (‘exercises about mundanity’) come from solo piano pieces created by Renê Freire, which were used as the basis for the arrangements and noisy interventions played by Henrique Correia and Vinícius Farias. The arrangement process was based on that which they thought could highlight the feelings of banality, worldliness and desolation, contrasting the piano lines, which carried a more purposeful and emotional character. They sought to transform all that feeling into a mere exercise about the banal and the mundane, with nothing sacred or on pedestals. Like a solstice being celebrated in the simple act of naked swimming, with the visceral contact with water like epiphany in itself.”

Download in BandCamp or Archive.com.

Renê Freire: piano
Vinícius Farias and Henrique Correia: guitars and noises

Piano recorded at Music Department’s studio of Universidade Federal de Pernambuco
Guitars and noises recorded at Henrique Correia’s home (AKA “Casa de BIU”)
Mix and mastering: Adriano Leão
Sleeve art: illustrations from works of Andreas Vesalius of Brussels, “De Humani Corporis Fabrica”

3 tracks, 23:26.